Educational counselling



" I have a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counselling from James Cook University and a significant amount of wide and varied experience in diverse educational situations"

– Tony McLaughlin


This service is if:

  • You are feeling significant stress and / or anxiety in your work, either at a school, home or another workplace
  • Experiencing Relationship issues
  • Suffering from the consequences of change
  • In need of Family Counselling


  • Child readiness for school, or transition to high school
  • In need of career advice and future planning
  • In need of Child counselling (ages 8 to 18)

I work using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Person-Centred Therapy

These two complementary approaches where you are accepted as a completely worthy person and where developing a relationship between a client/s and the counselor is vital.

The aim is to give the power back to you, the client.

Together we will develop strategies to cope, understand and take steps to ease the burden/s you are experiencing.

We will explore self-management strategies, identify the concerns you are facing and evaluate change.

My practice is based on a collaborative partnership between you and I with the emphasis being on practical applications.

Contact me now for an initial consultation and begin to take a positive step in the direction and tone of your life.

You can make a difference

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