What our clients say. . .

“I can’t help think how exciting it is for a kid/youth to experience this type of work/education in a class. Such a sense of play, inclusion and vitality. At the same time learning some serious skills. Whoever has the opportunity to participate in the ‘Snippets’ program is wonderfully fortunate, which of course shouldn’t really be the case. Imagine if all education had the same philosophical and attitudinal approach as your ‘Snippets’ program.”

— Camille Kersley, Arts Therapist, Canberra

“The Snippets writing program has been an invaluable tool to assist Stage 3 students find a sense of pleasure in writing. It helps to break down the formula style writing approach they have developed through the teaching of text types, to be able to write high quality, creative pieces using the strategies in the Snippets book”.

— Jenny Crain, Assistant Principal, Bel Air Public School

“We were seeking a stimulating range of new approaches to writing, to refresh our “arsenal” of teaching techniques. This course certainly filled the bill, and was rated very highly by teachers, for its practicality, innovation, and ease of implementation.”

— John Beach Principal Newcastle East Public School

“Big Steps provided our staff with an engaging, hands-on, practical approach to writing. Tony ensured staff had a thorough understanding of the reasoning behind his approach and they enjoyed seeing demonstration lessons. Being very adaptable to the new syllabus, Tony’s strategies are helping our students with their ability to write longer passages as well as improving writing aspects such as punctuation and grammar. Students have a renewed enthusiasm for writing.”

— Kerry Wellham, Principal, Brooke Avenue Public School

“At a recent workshop Tony did not disappoint. Parents absolutely hang off every word at Tony’s workshops as he provides insight from a classroom teacher perspective of working with students while also understanding the needs and fears of parents.
The workshops delivered both engaging and insightful sessions to assist parents identify their child’s learning style and how best to support them at home to achieve better outcomes at school. Feedback from one parent at a recent workshop was: ‘ I didn’t know how to support my son and left it to teachers –it was mind blowing’. Another said; ‘Getting this information from a teacher who shared his knowledge and made me an insider on bow to help my son just gave me so much confidence to talk to teachers now. Understanding how the brain works and how my child learns has been so good.’

— Liz McMinn, Operations Manager, Better Futures HUB

“Mr McLaughlin’s delivery engages staff through professional dialogue and relevant, practical tasks. He uses a variety of methods including individual, small group and plenary activities that are thought provoking and enjoyable. Significantly, Mr McLaughlin plans the professional learning activities after preliminary discussions with senior school personnel to ensure the achievement of the intended staff development outcomes. His extensive knowledge of innovative classroom practice based on current research supports his capacity to target specific school professional learning needs.”
— Richard Hartley, Principal, Merewether Public School

“Tony provided great support for my new Community Liaison Officer. Tony’s depth and breadth of knowledge around ways to meaningfully engage community in the education of students and operation of the school resulted in an expansion of our horizons in relation to the work of our new officer. ” 

— Warwick Beard – Principal Belair Primary School